May 17, 2017

Day 25

Yesterday I had a few minutes and decided to work on video 25!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. This video is about a few thoughts I had this weekend as I celebrated Mother's Day in a different way.

May 12, 2017

The perfect gift for Mother's Day


Did we even know what we were signing up for? Did we even comprehend the magnitude of the responsibility being a parent would be? Did we know—in our carefree years without children—that a single person could come into our life and change us forever? Did any of us really know that is was possible to love something so much—but have no idea how to do it all?

Not even a little bit—we had no idea that something so small could leave an impact so big.  Something so perfect could remind us of our imperfections—because the truth is, parenthood has never been done perfectly. Sometimes we are going to watch our babies’ hurt—and what hurts the most, is sometimes there is nothing we can do to take it away.

This week started out as any other. Sunday we all went to church and celebrated the twin’s birthday with family. Sunday night we packed lunches and got everyone clean and ready for the school days ahead.

Monday morning I woke up early. Tytus had to be at the surgery center by 7 to get his tonsils and adenoids removed and a new set of tubes in his ears. I was still a little tired from my travels the two weeks before, but we sat in his room laughing as we waited for the doctors.

He did some happy dances for my camera and put stickers all over his gas mask—he was content for the most part, and motivated to get the surgery that had promised him better health.

As the doctors pushed him off to the surgery room, I went out to the waiting room. All went as planned and soon they were calling me back to go greet him as he was waking up.

He slept for the most part on the way home. I put him to sleep on my bed and the first day was fairly easy. He had a hard time swallowing but he was handling everything just fine.

The first half of the night went pretty smooth. I woke him up whenever my alarm went off to take his pain meds. That morning he woke up early in a lot of pain—crying every few minutes for relief. The day dragged by, we took a nap together on my bed and did the best we could to stay on top of the meds.

That night he went to sleep in my office. Not long after I fell asleep I heard a heart pounding kind of screaming. I ran into the office to find Tytus hunched over and holding his throat. I swept him up and ran into the kitchen to grab his medicine.

I held it up to squeeze it into his mouth and he smacked my hand away. For hours we fought. I even tried to lay him on the couch and force it down his throat. Nothing. He wouldn't stop screaming. So I finally made a spot for me on the floor next to his bed. I was getting desperate to help him find the relief I knew the pain medication could bring. I said over his screams, “Hey Tytus . . . as your mom it hurts me so much to see you in so much pain. And I feel helpless watching you—barely able to talk or swallow—and I wish more than anything I could take this pain from you. I would trade spots with you in a heartbeat—but I cant. I am not going to pretend I know how this feels for you, because I have never had this surgery, and even if I had . . . it wouldn’t be the same. But I need you to trust me—as a person who wants to help you, and actually has the tools to give you relief—I need you to trust me right now that this medicine is the only way your aren’t going to be in so much pain. I need you to let me help you. I need you to let me—your mom—love you.”

I thought for sure my braveheart speech would help him come to his senses. I had played it all out in my mind. I would motivate him to see things the way they were, and he would see clearly that my love for him was going to help him. I did—after all—have the tools that would help ease his suffering.

But he refused. I felt helpless. I spent the rest of the night watching my son ache in agony—and there was nothing I could do about it.

He had to be the one to make the choice to take the help—and the love—I had to offer. No matter how many times I squirted that liquid into his mouth . . . he had spit it out. NO matter how may times I had begged for him to let me ease his suffering . . . he had refused to let me do my job—as his protector, as his designated nurse . . . and as his mom.

The night soon turned to morning and the stubborn little man was still in pain. Not because we had no options to ease his burdens . . . but because he had refused to see that a minute of pain—swallowing that medication—was going to be the very thing that would have taken the pain away.

I knew a girl once—I think you might too—who didn’t believe in something that was right in front of her. She suffered, for years, wishing for something that was already there all along. Grace. Hope. Healing—the easing of her burdens.

So parents—as we spend a lot of time wondering why our children cannot see things the way that we see them. Why they can’t see the help—we are so willing and able to give . . . just know this: we weren’t the first parent’s to ever sit back and wonder why sometimes they have to figure it out all on their own.

Because just like each of us, watching our babies struggle in ways we could easily have taken it all away—we all have a Father who has had to the same.

He watched as angry men crucified His Son, and He watches each of us—at one time or another—take the hardest road. Sometimes, not believing in any other option . . . we have been the children stubbornly hurting and crying out all night long for relief.

And just like I didn’t leave my son’s side that night, I know that Christ doesn’t leave ours. He doesn’t walk away and say, “You know what idiot . . . if you aren’t going to do it my way—then you can just suffer alone.” NO. He sits there—with that medicine in His hand, waiting for us to decide when we are ready to take it—to receive Him.

Some of us have taken all night to let Him help them—other’s are still trying to decide if they are ok with a plan different than their own. Some are still waiting for proof that He is really there. And that’s ok. He doesn’t make us take His help—because that was the plan we agreed to long ago. He would be there—on those dark nights full of all the pain and fear of the world—so we never had to be alone.

So maybe you are that parent, wondering why you keep failing the things you created . . . because you have to keep watching them hurt. Maybe you are the child wondering why your parent’s failed you—never could take away your pain.

Or maybe we are all just imperfect children and parent’s who are doing our best.  Maybe if we could see each other’s pain—the way that Christ does—we would be a little more generous with our love—the way that Christ is.

So today, I want you to remember that perfect parent’s don’t exist. Perfect, obedient children are not real. What’s real is LOVE. Love for all the imperfect parents and children we have been blessed to cross paths with.

Some might not be around as long as you think—so make sure those imperfections don’t keep you apart too long. This Mother’s Day we don’t celebrate or glorify a job that is easy—because it rarely is . . . but it sure is worth it.

And that’s what He thinks of you too.

Happy Mother's Day. 

April 24, 2017


I have had a few people email me asking about the books I talked about in one of the challenges. Here are links to those books for those of you who are interested. Happy Monday.

 Click on the picture of the book you want more details about.

April 13, 2017

Nampa, Idaho

So . . . since Rexburg is sold out. I have a surprise for you Idaho. June 3rd I have opened up another chance for you to join us for a conference.

Nampa, Idaho
Nampa Civic Center
June 3, 2017

April 12, 2017

A bag full of bricks

A few weeks back I kept noticing Kaleeya’s backpack getting pretty heavy. Every morning when I went to put her lunch in the front zipper, I would say, “Kaleeya what the heck is in here? It feels like you are carrying around a bunch of rocks—we HAVE to clean out your backpack when you get home.” Then, like most moms of six kids—I hope, please tell me I am not the only one—I would forget all about it until the next morning when we were heading out the door.

I don’t want to admit this out loud—so please read it quietly in your head—but this went on for a few weeks. Every morning the same conversation, sending her out the door with a “bag full of rocks”.

Until one morning I figured out what all the “rocks” really were. The kids had not come down yet and I was on top of my game. I went to put lunches in their backpacks and grabbed Kaleeya’s off the hook, only to remember our consistent conversation about cleaning it out. I unzipped the back zipper and to my surprise there were seven big, thick, library books.

A lot gets past me. I don’t always take the time to read the thousands of emails I get weekly from their teachers . . . but one fact I knew to be true since day one of the school year: Kaleeya’s class was only allowed to check out one book a week.

A thief? Awesome. I was ticked. My first reaction was to march up the stairs and give her a piece of my mind—remind her how embarrassing it was for us moms when our kids pull crap like this. I wanted to ground her butt to the house for a week. I wanted to give her what she deserved.

Soon faces were popping up all over the house. Everyone was awake and ready for breakfast. I stewed as I flipped pancakes and did hair—until finally it was time. I pulled her into the laundry room as everyone was putting on their shoes to leave. I said one last prayer in my mind, “Alright . . . I know what I want to do with her, but if you have another idea . . . now would probably be a good time to clue me in.”

I kneeled down so I could look her in the eye, “Kaleeya . . . do you want to tell me about all those library books in your backpack?” And that is when the dam burst. “I took them mom . . .” She began sobbing and holding on to my arm. Finally after asking her why, she answered, “I wanted to read all of them . . . so I put them in my bag, and I have carried them around because I didn’t want to get in trouble. But I didn’t read any of them, because I didn’t want to get in trouble. So now you know . . . and . . . and . . . and I can put them all back one at a time . . . and . . . and no one will ever notice.”

No one will ever notice. Her words echoed in my mind for a few seconds before I could answer. I said, “Kaleeya, I bet that has been so hard keeping that inside. I am so sorry for that load you have had to carry around on your back and in your mind. I wish it was as easy as just sneaking them back in to your library, but that isn’t how we make it right.”

She held my hand tight as we walked into her school that morning and she told her librarian what she had done. Later that day she stood alone as the principal gave her a punishment, and again as she cleaned up the school yard on her lunch.

But after school, that little girl didn’t just walk slowly out to my car—she ran with a big grin on her face. She gave me a giant hug and said, “Mom . . . it doesn’t feel heavy any more . . . I am free.”

How many times do we carry around a load—way too heavy for us to bear alone—thinking if we could just hide it a little longer, no one will notice as we drop one “book at a time” to lighten our burden. We justify that as long as we don’t get in trouble . . . then it wasn’t really a crime. We hold ourselves hostage, to a backpack full of secrets . . . with a false sense of safety coming from concealing our pain.

Well I don’t have all the answers for the loads you all have to carry. I don’t pretend to understand how they feel for you, but one thing I know for sure . . . you don’t have to carry it all alone. You don’t have to hide, you don’t have to run, you don’t have to pretend that it is all ok.

At Easter time we are promised that the resurrection is real. WE are asked to remember that Christ conquered death and lives again. He rose from that tomb, and with that miracle . . . He carries a whole lot of backpacks—so full of bricks, and rocks . . . and books.

He died so we can . . . not only hide our pain, but so our burdens can be made light. Yes, it might be hard showing up at that librarian’s office, or scooping up other people garbage . . . but if we are willing to pay a small price for our sins—He will make up the rest.  

Close your eyes this Easter for just a minute. Picture in your mind all the times He has helped your burdens become light—or all the times He is waiting to do it now. That is grace.

I promise you it is not too late.  He lives. He is the #princeofpeace. He wants to share it with you.

April 7, 2017

Trauma Healing Challenge: Day 24

Today I asked my little sister Ali to do our healing challenge. She has always been my makeup and beauty Guru and does hair for a she has learned some beauty wisdom that she has been so excited to share. Please watch to the end. This video is loaded with ideas I know will help you feel beautiful!!  

Broken to beautiful

April 5, 2017

Healing Trauma Challenge: Day 23

Todays challenge is about balancing nutrition. What works for me, that doesn't, and a little in between. The challenge is for you to start to become aware of what your body is telling you about what it needs. Drinking more water. Eating more fruits and vegetables. Less caffeine? Less sugar? Or maybe allowing yourself to eat a treat once and while. Where ever you are on the scale of balance, hopefully you can find something new today that refreshes your day.

For a list of all the challenges visit:

Healing Trauma Challenge Playlist

April 2, 2017

Weekend Inspiration

In our church, every six months we get the opportunity to hear amazing speakers present truths. This year I decided to challenge myself to take notes on each one and write down the things that stood out to me. If you are in need of some new truths to think about, here are my notes from the last two days. No matter what your faith or religion, I know these talks can help you on your journey to healing from trauma and overcoming fears.  It was incredible to hear each person, for two days, testify of Christ, the role He can and does play in our lives, and the purpose of His life and mission and what it can teach us about our own. 
To listen or read their full presentations click here: Conference April 2017

General Conference

Henry B. Eyring
Heavenly Father’s plan. Christ would offer himself as a sacrifice to rescue us from sin and death. Our task is to accept the Saviors sacrifice—and rejoice in it. We were not sent here in the dark. We were sent with the light of Christ—we can sense in our hearts what is right and wrong.

Some take opposition as evidence that there is no God, or that he determines in advance who will make it through. But we know that Heavenly Father wants us all to make it—God loves us all.

Learning about your past—the history of your ancestors—can teach you a lot about yourself. Doing work for your ancestors can help you feel closer to your families and closer to Jesus Christ.

Joseph Brough
Obedience to our parents. Heavenly Father will guide us, lead us, and walk beside us. He knows our needs, and has developed a personal care package for each one of us. It includes His Son, families, the Holy Ghost, and leaders. All to help us along the way. When we do what God commands us to do, we will be safe and full of peace.

Praying for answers doesn’t always happen right away. Sometimes it comes as a prompting to do it another way. Sometimes he uses another person to assist him. He will stretch forth His hand in His own time and in His own way.

Weatherford Clayton
We are all brothers and sisters and children of our Heavenly Father. We must repent. Sin requires us to suffer. Because Christ atoned for our sins, He never leaves us alone. When someone dies, they are not gone . . . but have returned home. Moments when time stand still and seems unfair, we can find comfort in knowing Christ is there.

“Live for the moments when time stands still”

Daryl G. Renland
The Savior’s compassion in our struggles draws us near Him. Mercy and empathy help us change. How does Jesus react when faced with our sins? The Savior loves all of us . . . even all of us sinners. Compassion and mercy is what the Savior uses to help us change. The Savior will not save us in our sins  . . . but from our sins. He cannot save us in our sins. We must first abide the conditions of repentance.

Bullying can happen on all levels—including not allowing others to believe contrary to what we do. Everyone has the right to express their opinions in the public square. How sad would it be if we were to treat others as we have been treated?

Ulisses Soares
How do we use the atonement—grace—so we do not waver in our day? Mortal life is a period of testing to prove that we can do all things that the Lord commands us. Knowing and trusting that God will provide for our needs. Jesus lived a sinless life, and then suffered terrible pain beyond any description—but He stands ready to help us with every burden. His mission is to help us find peace on earth.

He that keeps the commandments is he that loveth me. Faith is living with divine purpose and eternal perspective. We need to be willing to do anything that Christ and the Father ask of us.

In moments of trial, the adversity is always on the lookout. He tries to convince us that it is useless to keep the commandments. Satan is your enemy and fights against light continually. If we are steadfast and not wavering in our faith, we will have the capacity to overcome all obstacles in our way. Place your trust in God and the teachings of the prophets.

Mark A. Bragg
Even in the most difficult and darkest of times, there is light and goodness around us. That which is of God is light. The light grows brighter and brighter until the perfect day. Receiving light is what we were created to do. Seeking the light is in our spiritual DNA.

There is light available to us.

1. Light of the church.
Seeking after it will quality us for even more light. The light of the church will shine brighter and brighter.

2. Light of the gospel.
Families can resolve misunderstandings and challenges. Can be healed through forgiveness and repentance.

3. Light of Christ.
The light of the world brings light to the world. Helps us see others through the Saviors eyes. Help us see how we all fit in to that great loving plan.

Russell M. Nelson
It was foretold that the advisory would stir up anger in the hearts of men. And lead them astray. Heavenly Father sent His Son so we would have access to the power of the grace. The power of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ.

We learn about His ministry and mission, the more we know the more we can see that He has the power we need in our lives. We can call upon the Atonement for our healing—so we may live with hope in this life. When we use His grace, our doubts and fears flee. Faith motivates us to action.

We increase the Saviors power in our life when we keep our covenants with precision. Reach up with diligent focused effort. Spiritual stretching.  When we draw His power into our lives, both He and we will rejoice.

Saturday afternoon

Robert D. Hales
Where is your intention? When we strengthen our attributes like Christ… the other qualities are strengthened and we help those around us. Power in Him. What am I supposed to learn from this experience? Endure with patience. Fathers who are patient teach children to be patient. Greatest of these is charity. Cannot be part time disciples. Stand strong in these last days.

Jeffery R. Holland
The songs we all must sing.
Some days are difficult. Days that show us a lack in us, others, and life. Whatever reasons they rob us of the songs we sing. Draw strength from the splendor of the music around us. Sometimes those who can’t “sing” for a time have to get close to someone who has the notes. Jesus has the perfect pitch. Stereotypes driven by a consumerist culture . . . we lose our purpose. We must sing in our own voice. Not someone else’s. Don’t abandon your role in the chorus.

It is hard to be upbeat when we see so many suffer. Guns and fighting are not the way to deal with human conflict. The more excellent way will always be the gospel of grace and Christ. 

We live in a world where too many songs we cannot or will not sing, but we have to stay in the choir and savor the most precious song of redeeming love.

Christ has room for all of us. Room for those who once questioned their faith—and those who still do.

Gary B. Sabin
“If I didn’t roll out my sleeping bag I wouldn’t have to roll it back up again”
Spiritually cold. Give head to the words of eternal life. Out of sync with God’s will . . . out of sink with happiness. No peace to the wicked.

Punching bag man kept coming back up. “He is standing up on the inside” How can we stand up on the inside? If walking isn’t working . . . maybe we need to run. Let go of the world so we can hang on to eternity. Follow the creator… not the crowd.

Don’t fear. Just live right. It will work out in the end.

Valeri V. Cordon
Language loss. Eternal language. Never lost if we preserve it.
1. Be diligent at home
Parents need to spend time teaching their children. Parent’s who make a conscious effort will succeed. Daily family prayer and scripture study. Words mean nothing, unless our actions are the same. The son can do nothing but what he sees the father do.

Traditions. As families we need to avoid traditions that keep us from keeping the Sabbath day holy.  Make traditions that use the scriptures. Help them find their identity their purpose and their relationship with the Savior. Imperfect people trying to learn a perfect language.

Neil L. Anderson
Receive the Savior. Put your trust in Him. I don’t want your time or your money or work… I want you. Christ wants us. Asking for forgiveness and pledging to remember Him. Church opens the door to a week full of time to apply the lessons we have learned. Turning ourselves outward. Happiness of spouse is above our own pleasure.

The world, “Look at me, look at all that is mine. Look at me”
Overcoming the world will always mean we have some beliefs that are ridiculed. If it hates you. You know it hated Christ first.

Overcoming the world is becoming less concerned with our online connections and more concerned with our connection to God. I knew that God knew that I knew I have been blessed. Overcoming the world doesn’t mean we have a protected life.

M. Russell Ballard
Knowing where you are going and how you expect to get there can bring accomplishment to life. Goal is a destination. Plan is the route in which you get there.
Goal setting is where you want to go. But first you have to find out which of them really matter. Heavenly Father’s plan gives us a way to become more like Him. Focus on the eternal path. Goals and plans for our careers, education and golf. Marriages, families church counsels and callings. But our greatest and most over riding goal should fit into Heavenly Father’s plan. Experts say the simpler and straightforward a goal is—the more power it will have.

Return and receive. Return to his presence. Receive his blessings. Rely on His merits. Satan tried to modify our Fathers plan. Satan can neither return nor receive. He uses every possible enticement and temptation to bring us down and make us miserable. He uses deceit and small voices. He uses the world to bring darkness into our life so we get distracted from our goals of eternity. They seek to destroy our faith and divert us from the path.

How am I doing?  Who knows you better than you know yourself? Find time to review your life goals and plans. Make sure they align with God’s plan. Prayerfully think about what adjustments are needed to help you keep your eye single to the glory of God.

Christ is the center of our plans.

Come unto me all ye who are heavy laden. I will give ye rest.

Sunday morning session

Thomas S. Monson
How to apply his teaching in our lives. Sin and evil in the world today. We will be protected by a testimony of Jesus Christ. Read the book of Mormon with a sincere desire to know its truth. Get your testimony now, to be prepared for difficult times. The testimonies of others will only carry you so far. We will hear the voice of the spirit. 

Joy D. Jones
Resilient children. Understand their identify and feel God’s love. Children who struggle to stand stead fast. Need reinforcement and support. Rage a war against sin. Mighty conflict. We are at war. Fatal casualties. The war continues and touches all of us. Opposing forces causes a need in us to learn new strategies. The Lord has asked parents to teach children faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the holy ghost, pray, walk uprightly.

Universal guidelines to live by. Understand our—and their—divine purpose. Help them know they are sons and daughters of God. Understand repentance and resisitance to sin. Becoming sin resistance comes from constantly resisting sin. True at all times—keep the commandments of God. WE go to war carrying Christlike qualities. Courage is needed every single day. Our children put on personal armor as they learn daily discipleship. Start early and be steady. Begin at early ages. Articles of faith. Primary songs, hymns and our own personal  testimonies.

Integrity. Make and keep sacred covenants. Heart and soul of our purpose of mortality. Satan knows this… so he obscures the concept of covenant making. How do we prepare our children to make and keep sacred covenants….by helping them be honest and behave appropriately. Help them keep promises. Keep promises longer and longer. “I kept my promise because I said I would”. Consistent practice of keeping promises prepares children to keep covenants as adults.

WE help children taste success in small bites. Rewards come by keeping promises. Hold your little ones close, show them what it looks like to live promises and covenants. They are watching you. Example is the best teacher.

Christ atoned for the sins of the world…because he said he would.

Yoon Hwan Choi
Come unto Christ. Linking ancestors. All of us are in the middle of an eternal family. Our role can change it in negative or positive ways. How can you be sure you will be a strong link in your eternal family?

The gospel is perfect…but members are not yet. Do not lose your faith, because of the people around you. Build your relationship with Jesus Christ. Look unto Him in every thought. Doubt not, fear not.

Go out in the rain, look up to heaven. Open your mouth, drink it. Look up when you face challenges.

Children are blessed through parents faithful work and diligence. We see inconvenience, loss, and loneliness. It is harder to see blessings and light. Look up. Look to Christ. If you choose to leave the gospel of Christ, what will you do? What will you lose?

It is never too late to look up. Repent, make right your wrongs. Change… and look up. He hasn’t forgotten you.

Ronald A. Rasband
The spirit of the Lord teaches truths. Father. Son. Holy Ghost.

Father knew we would face challenges, disappoinemtns, turmoil. He provided the Holy spirit—that binds us to the Lord. He promised He would bind us to Him. Peace in heartache, courage in fear. We may always have His spirit to be with us.

1. Live worthy of the spirit.
Spirit does not dwell in unholy temple. He will dwell in your heart.

2. Listen to the spirit
Their hearts were open, they did understand in their hearts. Voice is still and small. The Lord is not in the wind, the fire, the boom. He comes after, in the still small voice.

3. Do the work of the Lord
Be about your fathers business

4. Act on the first prompting.
Be lead by the spirit. Go and do. You will get it right nine times out of ten. Do not expect fire works and celebrations because you listened. Family and friends in particular need you to follow those promtings. To teach, to help, to comfort, to support, and to rescue. First responder.

Let the Lord know in our morning prayers that we are ready. He will call on us time and time again. We will become spiritual first responders. Pay attention to the promptings that come to you, you will grow and receive more direction. It will lead you to do good. He leads us by the Holy Ghost. Act upon the first promptings, they come from God.

L. Whitney Clayton
With God nothing is impossible. Do what God asked. Mary committed before she knew why. She accepted God’s word unconditionally and in advance. At first she felt inadequate…but did His will.

When we decide to align our mission with God’s will we pray with real intent and follow what He asks of us. Simple habbits of belief transform into great faith. Rooted in Christ, brings steadfastness to our souls.

Sacrifices…I know not, save the Lord commanded me. Obeying the Lord without knowing why. God will always bless us for our steadfast obedience, but he rarely shows us the whole picture in advance. Faith, hope and trusting in the Lord comes in. No easy answers or quick fixes in heaven. Perfect love and perfect timing in the Lord. Stay true to daily practices of faith. We choose who we will serve every day. The Lord promises to direct our paths, but for Him to do that we have to walk. When we trust and follow him. He knows the way, because He is the way.

Dallin H. Oaks
First vision Joseph Smith saw two beings. God the Father and His Son—two different beings. Nature of God, and our relationship to Him is the key to this life. Life eternal, that we might know Him.

It will be a while after you pass through the veil before you know all of the knowledge of exaltation. Three members of the Godhead are separate and distinct beings. Holy Ghost is a personage of spirit… or else it could not dwell in us. Our relationship to the Godhead comes from the plan of salvation. It is all answered there.

Spiritual death is being cut off from the presence of God. Knowing the purpose of God’s great plan, we consider the roles of the 3 in the Godhead in that plan. Love of God the Father, the mission of Christ, and the fellowship of the Holy Ghost.

God. Father’s supreme position, our relationship to Him, and His role in the creation. God and Father of Christ, as well as all of us. The first fundamental truth from Christ: above and overall there is God of heaven and earth. We learn of the Father as we learn from Christ. His mission was to reveal to mortals what God is like and reveal the true nature of our Father in Heaven. Jesus was the express image of the Father. We are His children and He loves us. All He does is for our eternal benefit. His plan achieves His purposes.

Christ. First born of all the children of God. Create worlds without number. Save the children of God of death by his resurrection. Jesus’s mission was to bring to pass the imortaily and eternal life of all of Father’s children.

Holy Ghost. Teaches all things. Guides us. Protects us. Comforts us. Blesses us.

Our relationship to the Godhead gives us the ultimate road map and assurance through our journey through mortality. We know who makes it possible.

Essential to the plan of salvation is our Savior Jesus Christ. Don’t just believe in Him and His mission. We have to work and live them. Receive His saving ordinances. Only by believing and living truth can we be eternally saved.

Deiter F. Ucthdorf
Falling for manipulation. Or using manipulation. Fear to motivate others, including ourselves.

Fear. Determining our actions and behavior. But it only has the power to be temporary. Never transform us into people who want to do what it is right. Angry, resentful. Leads to mistrust. Defiance, even rebellion. Condemn in others but they cannot see it in themselves. They become the exception of the rules, but they condemn others who do the same.  They become harsh, thinking it is for the good of others—but they do not realize that their anger will not do anything but create more fear in others.

Father’s love for us, His children, surpasses anything we comprehend, but that does not mean He does not want us to change. He wants us to change our hearts, take firm hold of our fears and bravely step forward and upwards along the straight and narrow path. He wants this change, because He loves us. This is the way to happiness.

He sent His Son to show us the right way. He motivates us through love unfained. He trusts us to learn from our missteps and make correct choices.

Satan wants us to manipulate others. Man’s inhumanity. Corruption is unique and alarming. Satan wants us to fear there is no good at this time on earth. But that is not the truth either.

Prepare ourselves to receive the Savior. Do it with confidence and humility. Never looking down on another person. Study the word of God, heed the voice of the spirit. Don’t be ignorant of the challenges in the world, do not burden yourself or others with constant fear.  Focus on the infinite goodness and power of God. Trust Him. Prepare with a joyful heart. We need not be paralyzed by fear because bad things might happen. As we approach the challenges—and opportunities ahead. He will be with you. He will not fail you. He will fight for you. You shall hold your peace. In the face of fear, let us find our courage and faith. In the world you shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer. He has overcome the world. God has promised all things shall work together for your good. If you walk uprightly. Set aside your fears and live with joy, humility and hope and confidence that the Lord is with us.

Living in fear and anxiety or causing fear in others . . . we may become liberated from this fear by the pure love of Christ. Perfect love casteth out fear. Christ’s love allows us to walk with confidence, humility, and faith to press through our fears and place our complete trust in our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. Let us replace fear with Christ’s perfect love. Replace burdens with blessings.

Be not afraid, only believe. Abide in Christ’s perfect love.

Sunday Afternoon

D. Todd Christopherson
Watchman. Hear the word and warn them. The warning is to turn away from sin. If you don’t warn them, they will die in sin. If you warn them, and they chose not to do…you have delivered thy soul, by doing your part. If you trust your own righteousness, and not in God . . . all your righteousness shall pass away. Wicked find strength in the Lord, and the righteous must continue in trust in the Lord. Wickedness never was and never will be happiness. Desire to share truth with others to help them learn how to live eternally.

Parental duty is to warn… and share joy of walking in obedience. Conversion doesn’t just come by warning…it comes by sharing joy. Jesus warned. Not just any path leads to heaven. Enter in the straight gate. Love demands warning people about what can hurt them. Shame culture. In a guilt culture your conscious leads you. In a guilt culture you know you are good and bad by what your culture tells you you are. Guilt culture can be harsh. Shame culture is unmerciful for those who disagree and those who don’t fit in.

We cannot be neutral. Warning voice is a joyful noise. Disservice is staying silent. Practice what we preach. Preach what we practice. Help your fellow men embrace those truths. Great is your reward in Heaven.

Repent now. Watch and pray continually. Be lead by the Holy Spirit. Have faith in the Lord. Love of God in your hearts. I have not hid thy righteousness within my heart. I have declared faithfulness and salvation.

Joaquin E. Costa
Lessons on the path to baptism. Meeting the missionaries. Go to church. Read the Book of Mormon. Alma Chapter 42. Pray to God. Remember spiritual feelings. Experience Repentance.

Nothing draws you closer to Christ, than a desire to change. 

S. Mark Palmer
Expectations. “I just don’t like people” Mark Chapter 10. How do we change the hearts of those who don’t want to be obedient? Jesus loved him. Because of this love, and with this love…Jesus asked more of him. It is our heart as well that needs changing…not just the ones who are troubling us. How can I be filled with Christlike love for those who aren’t meeting my expectations? See them with all the love Christ has for them. Because I love you I care about who you become. I invite you to change the things that are hard for you and become the person God wants you to be. Pray with fervent faith before each interaction with them.

1. As we learn to see others as the Lord sees them, our love for them will grow. So will our desire to help them. We see potential they might not see in themselves. Perfect love casteth off fear. Those hardest to love need it the most.

2. No teaching or learning will happen when done in anger. No change will occur when anger is present. Atmosphere of trust.

3. Love should never be withdrawn. When expectations are not met. Jesus still loved them perfectly.

4. Because He loves us, the Lord expects much of us. If we are humble we will repent, sacrifice and serve as evidence of His perfect love for us. Invitation to repent is the same as an invitation for peace and love.

When we are asked to do something hard. Put aside worldly pursuits, forgive, put God first, He loves you. Let it go and follow Him. Thank Him for loving you enough for inviting you to do more.

Gary E. Stevenson
How can the Holy Ghost help you? “How did you know the snake was there?” The Holy Ghost helps us. Third member of the Godhead. We have the gift of the Holy Ghost after baptism. Unexpected events cause sadness pain and disappointment. The Holy Ghost offers peace and comfort. He is called the Comforter. Peace and comfort comes at our greatest time of need. Forgiveness, love, and healing come through the comfort of the Holy Ghost. The spirit feels our heart and comforts and reminds us of the truth that we know. Testifies and bears witness of the Father and Son and all truth.

The comfort of the truth can bring peace and comfort we are desperately seeking after trauma and fear. Listen the Holy Ghost will whisper. Listen to the still small voice.

C. Scott Grow
God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. Begin to know God through prayer. Pray with faith, you will feel God’s love as it speaks to your soul. God knows you personally. As you pray, you will come to know Him. Scripture study, personally and with family. Teach your children to live with faith. Worthiness is essential to becoming like Christ. We start with repentance and forgiveness and He cleanses our souls. As we strive to become like God, He could make of us, more than we could ever make ourselves.

Benjamin De Hoyos
The Lord speaks to prophets to give us a standard to follow. The Lord reveals His will to us, but in His own timing. I love you Mom. Love Tytus

Light grows and becomes visible when we return home with the feeling of forgiveness. It comes as we partake of the sacrament. We feel a greater love and appreiciation for the Savior. Keep the Sabbath Day holy. Shine as an ensign. Teach as the Savior taught.

Quinten L. Cook
One layer at a time. First steps. Physical development….baby steps. To obtain our ultimate physical stature. Ten thousand hours of practice is required to achieve “world class expert” title in anything. Less emphasis is placed on spiritual growth. There is no substitute for individual spiritual growth. Faith to heal. Personal prayers can bring blessings into our lives beyond anything we can comprehend. Adversity should not be viewed as a withdrawal from the love of the Savior. We will all receive challenges that will refine and define us. Give us experience and be for our good. Fear not what man can do… for God should be with you forever and ever.

We receive strength according to our faith in Christ. #princeofpeace

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