March 24, 2017

Standing Beautiful

In a few weeks the twins turn twelve. It is so weird to be in a new phase of life and starting to talk about topics that are more grown up with my babies. But it has got me thinking...and researching...and wanting more in this world for my daughters. And I feel like my major in college—human development—and my minor—art...are wanting to hang out with each other. So I am working on a project for teens (and woman in general) that will help them to see beauty from the inside out and the outside in. I made a new instagram account @standingbeautiful that will be devoted to these ideas and talking about aligning spiritual, mental, and physical beauty—for overall self confidence and a balanced healthy life. My goal for this new project will be to help these girls of mine to prepare to grow up in a world that will tell them they aren't enough...over and over again. I want them to be confident in who they are. I want them to be proud of their gifts and talents and beauty. I don't want them to feel like they ever have to hide. It is my goal that they will grow up to be confident and bold...and live their truths—not only on the inside...but on the outside as well. So to go along with my challenge from yesterday on the blog, and the concept of balancing beauty both physically and mentally...I am excited to bring together concepts, thoughts, share products that work for me, teachings, and simple ideas that can help woman feel stronger, simple, happy, smart, confident and gorgeous...all in the same body. From makeup I books that have helped me navigate through fear of being myself. From simplifying concepts—to deep thoughts to keep us working through trauma and pain. 

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Here is how Tytus' weekend is going so far...

This brave boy asked Shawn tonight to pull his tooth. Little did he know it wasn't going to go as planned. It gave us a good laugh, and luckily he didn't swallow that thing.

March 23, 2017

Finding a balance from broken to beautiful

Trauma Healing Challenge: Day 22
Today's challenge is about finding a balance in beauty. For so long I hid behind things on the outside to cover up my pain on the inside. Then I went the opposite extreme and tried to just focus on healing the inside . . . all the while forgetting what made me feel beautiful on the outside.

So today's challenge is all about figuring out where you are on that scale, after trauma has left you forgetting your confidence, and finding a balance to go from broken to beautiful. Confidence takes balance. And beauty can be found on the outside . . . and in. It is when those two align, that we find our confidence again. You cannot have one without the other.

So wether you are hiding behind gallons of makeup and thousands of dollars in high heels . . . or you are hiding in your fifteen year old track sweats and haven't left your house since last week, I hope you know you are not crazy, and you are not alone. I have been there, and so have thousands of others.

Today, even though you never asked me to . . . I give you permission to find what makes you feel beautiful on the outside, and whole on the inside . . . and see if those two working together can bring back the person you thought was lost.

To check out the makeup I am using in this video visit:
Maskcara beauty

March 17, 2017

Good news . . . Eastern Idaho. This is going down for real. 

A Reason to Stand: Fighting for Me
Rexburg, Idaho
The Atrium at Hemming Village
Friday, April 21st

Eventbrite - A Reason to Stand: Rexburg, Idaho April 21st

For more information visit

March 15, 2017

Day 21

The power of taking some time for you. No guilt. No check lists...getting centered for others by allowing yourself some time to relax and do something you enjoy. We become better for others by showing ourselves we are worth some time too. Challenge: do something for you today...that you enjoy...on purpose. Guilt free time to get centered so you can be your best self.

March 14, 2017

"Hot Rod" "Rad" Dad and Day 20

So we are on day 20. Your challenge is to laugh. To search it out. To find something funny around you and allow yourself to engage in it.

So many times in and after trauma we begin to believe we are not allowed to laugh and enjoy life any more. So whether your laughter has stopped because you don't think you deserve to laugh any more . . . or if you just have forgotten how. It is time to learn how, and remember what it is that made you laugh . . . and seek it out.

The family and I were on a Family Night walk last night. At one point Shawn put on a helmet and started riding a scooter . . . to which this movie was born.

Enjoy . . . and let yourself laugh.

Marsy's Law

If you want to know more about the Victims Rights law I have been speaking out about visit . . .
Victims Rights Marsys law

And please sign up on the website to support legislation! Our voices can make a difference. 

March 11, 2017

March 11th

Today was six years since my kids lost their dad. 
Yesterday I stood in front of a group of senators— asking them to remember our babies as they evaluate an amendment to the constitution that would help victims have rights. One thing I know for hard it is to watch your babies hurt, and have nothing you can do about it. 
Last year these five helped me create this video for a friend who had lost their dad. I always thought I would be able to give my babies a perfect world—but instead they have given me hope that good can still exist after the world let's you fall. 
March 11, 2011 you didn't break them. They are fighters. They have never been victims. To me they were always the strongest survivors.


An article I wrote was published on Family Share today!!!

March 10, 2017

Day 19

How do we change? We step outside of what we are used to and take some risks. Sometimes it is our comfort zone that is holding us back from where we want to be.

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