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Ashlee Boyson is the author of the blog and book series titled “The Moments We Stand”, in which she shares her family's journey of healing after the infidelity and murder of her husband Emmett in 2011, just months after giving birth to their fifth baby. 


Ashlee has been given the unique experience of sharing Emmett’s story on Dateline, Dr. Phil, American Monster, Investigation Discovery, True Crime Daily, and several other murder mystery investigation documentaries. 


After feeling alone for many years and fighting to find her voice through the pain, Ashlee now proudly stands as an advocate for victims and families impacted by loss, grief, widowhood, murder, and infidelity. In an effort to help others not feel alone, she has grown to love sharing her story to help shine light on a path for others still stuck in the dark…a place she knows all too well. 


Ashlee is the founder of A Reason to Stand—a non profit focused on healing and empowering survivors. She began her launch of a series of online courses in May 2022, with a passion for fellow widows, the first course called The Light Within: A Guided Course for Widows, went live May 2022. A course for infidelity survivors is in pre launch!! To be followed by so many other exciting courses. 


With a degree from Utah State University in family, child, and human development, Ashlee loves coaching and teaching about healing after trauma. She loves empowering youth and adults to remember who they are and help them find their worth. Ashlee loves teaching moms about baby sleep and has a passion for all things parenting. She loves helping parents navigate their role in their children’s own healing journey after trauma and loss. Ashlee has a passion for helping guide people of all ages to remember their truths after trauma and help them find courage to keep writing their stories. 


Ashlee loves to speak for all settings, and has gained a love for being on stage sharing her story and offering hope to all that have felt broken.


Ashlee is remarried to Scott Boyson and they have recently added two more kids to their full house, totaling 7 kids ages 17, 17, 15, 13, 11, 3 and 1. 


Ashlee believes that each day is a gift and feels grateful for the grace and hope she has found in her story…and speaks out to share truth of the light she knows shines within all of us. 

A little bit about my why: "The Light within: a guided course for widows"


As a 28-year-old widow with five young kids and a murder trial looming, I spent countless moments in the fog. I felt alone and trapped in a story I did not choose. I didn’t know how to move forward, and, in many ways, I was stuck. I felt a loss of community, the pain of losing my spouse, the heartache of parenting alone, and I had a longing to know I wasn't alone. I searched for answers and spent so many hours seeking connection to others who had been where I have been.


I created this course to offer tools and ideas for fellow widows who feel just like I felt—stuck in the fog. I know it will give hope, and help you feel a sense of connection. I know it will give you options beyond feeling stuck, and help you find freedom from the darkness and pain of feeling trapped in widowhood.


The course consists of over 4 hours of videos that are broken down into small sections. Each video corresponds to a section in the workbook to address each new concept to help you implement and brainstorm how it looks in your healing. Each section was designed to help you remember your truths to empower you to start moving forward with courage and strength.

With each class prerecorded, it allows you to pace yourself and move to the next video and section when you are ready. Each step will bring you tools and applications to help you live life with purpose, truth, and joy.


The course will include lifetime access to all videos and the step-by-step workbook. 


I created each section to help you understand your grief from different angles and create your own personal plans for application in your every day life.


I know this course will bring you light and help you be guided to your next steps in life. Your story isn't over. Today still has purpose, and I know as you spend time healing the past, making a personal plan for your future, and finding peace in where you are right now, you will be able to see more clearly that there are still going to be many more amazing tomorrows. 


Thank you for joining me here! I am humbled to walk with you down this path and excited to watch you create the plan that inspires you to move forward and heal. I can’t wait to see you soon!




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