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 "Surviving Infidelity"


"The Light Within: a guided course for widows"


"TRAUMA MAMA: parenting the hurting child"




"This course made me realize that the painful dialogue in my head is not truth at all but the adversary trying to convince me of things to keep me in my hurt. I honestly felt like I took something away from each section and feel like in time I can go back and re-look at some things I am not ready to conquer yet. It was amazing and such a game changer for me! Ashlee was amazing at posing really insightful questions to help identify thoughts and emotions and getting to the reason why we sometimes feel or think the way we do! I am honored and grateful for the opportunity to take this course! It truly helped me untangle some of the misconceptions and painful thoughts I have been reliving over and over. I am grateful for the challenging questions that helped me realize what I need to work on, and just as important, things I am doing well at! This journey is lifelong and having tools and resources to help as our grief evolves with time is amazing! Ashlee, keep being the light you are and reaching for those of us constantly joining you on this path of widowhood! There is strength in knowing we are not alone. Thank you for sharing your experiences and gifts with all of us!"

Hilarie G.  (California)


 "I loved that this course felt so personal, it was like I was sitting across from Ashlee working through each section.  She made it really feel like it was just her and me. I loved the workbook and that it followed along each video. I liked how she shares application ideas like keeping a pad of paper and pen by my bedside to write down impressions, thoughts, and dreams. This course is amazing and is going to help so many. I loved all of it.  ❤️❤️❤️"

Linda P. (Utah)


"Ashlee Boyson has a unique ability to share her personal experience as a widow along with her invaluable insights in her course “The Light Within-A guided course for widows”. In the course there are thought provoking questions that have helped me gain a new perspective and new tools to navigate my widow journey. I will continue to use the course material and writing prompts to work through this ever changing emotional rollercoaster we call widowhood. Thank you Ashlee for caring enough to put your heart and soul into this labor of love."

-Serena J (Texas)


Watching Ashlee parent online was inspirational, but working with her as a coach and teacher has helped me find the ways that work for me to be the best mom my kids need to make it through my divorce. I didn't realize all the little changes I could make to help their healing. I didn't realize the power I could have as their mom to empower them to get through this tough time as a team. I would recommend Ashlee's course, or any other chance you have to work with her personally. I am stronger emotionally and spiritually and have more courage to be me without excuses. This course will change everything.

Mary A.



There isn't another course like this. Ashlee teaches from the heart and always brings a strong spirit of courage that helps me remember who I want to be.

Sara W.


If you have felt alone and stuck, this course is for you. Don't think about it, just sign up and go all in. You will be changed for good. 

Ally G. 


Working with Ashlee has changed my story. I am still a single mom and the divorce is still hard, but Ashlee taught me how see myself for the first time. She gave me hope that I was so much more than a broken person. She helped me find freedom from the pain of the affairs and helped me see that I can go on, and become even stronger. Thank you is not enough.

Carrie W

I have been blessed by the tools and light that Ashlee has shared. I decided to stay married after all the pain, and we are working on building our marriage, but first I had to build me and decide for myself what my journey would look like. Ashlee has helped me find my light again and open my heart to a bigger plan. Thanks for listening and helping me navigate this hard trial. 

Sue R.

I found a lot of information online about how to survive affairs, most of it is for women. Here I felt like I was able to be the victim even though I was a man, and I am thankful I could heal in this way and learn to take my power back.

Todd P.

I didn't know how lost I had become after my husbands affair. Ashlee helped me find my way out of the dark.

Kayla S.