$97.00 USD

Trauma Mama: parenting the hurting child

It is time to become the mom or dad you want to be and stand prepared in the hard moments of parenting.

What you'll get:

  • Hours of guided videos and a personalized workbook to brain storm and create a plan for parenting your hurting child(ren).
  • Courage to show up and decide the type of parent you want to be.
  • A connection to your truth and strength to help you stand in your parenting with confidence. 

This course was created to help strengthen parents in their relationships with their hurting children and tools to help guide them through their grief and trauma. It will also give you tools to strengthen your other relationships . . . including your relationship with yourself.



Watching Ashlee parent online was inspirational, but working with her as a coach and teacher has helped me find the ways that work for me to be the best mom my kids need to make it through my divorce. I didn't realize all the little changes I could make to help their healing. I didn't realize the power I could have as their mom to empower them to get through this tough time as a team. I would recommend Ashlee's course, or any other chance you have to work with her personally. I am stronger emotionally and spiritually and have more courage to be me without excuses. This course will change everything.

Mary A.



There isn't another course like this. Ashlee teaches from the heart and always brings a strong spirit of courage that helps me remember who I want to be.

Sara W.


If you have felt alone and stuck, this course is for you. Don't think about it, just sign up and go all in. You will be changed for good. 

Ally G.