Frequently Asked Questions, Answers, and Resources

   I have been blessed with hundreds of emails from all over the world... seeking more. Some are trying to grieve, others are searching for faith, and some are trying to figure out how to be a friend for someone in pain.  Another large group has talked about a pain that they cannot seem to heal.
   With these emails I have realized that we all have our struggles.  We all feel alone or wondering where to turn with the hard times ahead.
     Here are some resources that I want to share with anyone who is looking for more. Helps that focus on specific topics that can encourage and give insight to help those who are still searching for light on the problems they face.
   Some of these resources I have asked to join in my 'journey of moments', and others are people who have been working for years helping others through their hard times.
    I hope you can find answers to the many wonderful, but also heart breaking questions that I read every day.  I cannot help each person individually, but I hope as you seek answers that you will find them.  I pray, every day, that God will bless all of the broken roads that we travel.


A little bit of every moment (being a mom) My personal blog about random mommy thoughts. Little lessons I have learned in parenting, fun activities we do, and everything mommy! 

Standing Strong Together (a child's view on losing a loved one) Our twins have been begging me for months to let them start their own journal of the journey they had to face when they found out that Emmett died. A few weeks ago, when sitting in the Woman's broadcast at General Conference, they asked again and I said yes. So began their blog. For anyone who has lost a parent, or is helping a child grieve the loss of a parent or loved one. Bostyn and Bailey will be sharing their story here.

Stand Tall through adoption and divorce (a child's point of view of adoption and divorce) Our sweet daughter Jordyn has asked if she could have a chance to share her journal of her journey through her life and adoption and divorce. 

 The Moments We Kneel (truth and knowledge) will be messages shared by my little sister Abbey Roll.  For all of you who are seeking faith... searching for truth... her blog will be devoted to the answers to the questions that you have asked. Abbey served a mission in Ohio, and has been a spiritual giant for me. She has been a great source of light to me on the dark days; and a loving reminder to always seek for Christ.

The Moments We Mend (grief and healing) will be knowledge and lessons by my cousin Tiffanie Long.  She spent the summer after Emmett died with us, and has since come to seek her education focusing on the grieving process and the impact that tragedy has on our lives. She will be working with families, and especially children, that are suffering from grief. I have asked her to write, for us, some of the knowledge that she has learned through working with my children, and since working with others, to find peace through their pain. For all of you who have contacted me, seeking more about grief. 

Beautifully Simple You (Finding your personal beauty) Amazing ideas to help find your own personal beauty without spending a lot of money or time. Ali takes us on a journey showing how to be our own kind of beautiful. Simple ideas to help remember the beauty you have within. 

The Family (truths about the family) A website created to instill truths about the family unit and links to articles on how to build a strong family. 
Other Resources

Some of my favorite things: The Moments We Stand favorites

This book will change your life. I had the pleasure of reading through a lot of it before it was published. It is amazing and really puts this life and our struggles into perspective.

The Power of Family.org (struggling families) A great website for struggling families. Resources and hope and healing for all things family. 

Sullengers (child's death) For all the parents who have lost a child.  This blog is about a small family who have all learned to stand after the accidental drowning of their first child.

Recovery With Jake A website about pornography addiction recovery. Jake shares his healing process as he battles to win. 

Breaking the Silence (blended families) For all the blended families who have been asking me how to make it all work.  This blog is a wonderful story about a widow finding love again and learning to thrive in her blended family.

It's your time to heal (spiritual gifts and healing) is a blog by Jennece Kahuhu.  She is a master teacher on finding your spiritual gifts and healing through Christ.  She has been a great resource for me, and my children, in seeking His light and searching His truths to find our greater purpose.  This blog will be for everyone who has been contacting me looking for healing and release from pains; or searching for the gifts that they possess.

My name is Jacy (victims of abuse and pornography) A blog about finding happiness, hope and love even when life doesn't go according to plan, Jacy shares her own life changing experiences that include: pornography addiction/infidelity in her marriage, surviving divorce,  learning to be a single mom, and everything that comes with rebuilding a completely new life. In addition to sharing her own journey, Jacy's on a mission to unite and empower women enduring difficult trials and does so by featuring beautiful and brave women in the popular "My Name Is" series. Within these triumphant posts, you will find stories of inspiration, courage, and hope, even amidst some of the deepest and most challenging of trials.

Mothers niche (motherhood) is a blog about all things mother.  Kristina has wonderful ideas on how to be a better mom and wife.  She highlights other mom's who have overcome challenges and continue to inspire.

 Greenbrier Academy  (struggling teens) For all the parents who have emailed me about help for struggling teenagers.  (I will be talking about my experience in a wilderness school when I was younger, that gave me skills to stand. This school is founded on the same models as the school I attended and has helped thousands of struggling teens.)

Realimprints.org Great inspirational stories from people's struggles from all walks of life.

The Errand of Earthly Angels (friendship through service) A blog by Auna Leigh about building relationships through service and love. Uplifting stories, a place to generate ideas for all of you who have asked how to be there for those around you who are struggling.

Beyond Affairs.com A website designed to help those struggling with the aftermath of affairs and trying to move forward in life: either in their marriage, or after divorce.

For The One a blog about a story of childhood sexual abuse and overcoming the pain. 

*Please feel free to comment or message me about any other topics that you would like to hear more about for this resource page.  If I do not cover it on my blog... or I do not know, I will send out your questions to others who do, or find a good resource to add to this page.  

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