March 7, 2019

Special group for parents with Children who have suffered through trauma

 That is officially my longest title ever written on this blog. haha. But I wanted to invite any of you who have children who have gone through a traumatic event . . . we want to unite with you. I had an experience this week, I will share in this group, that not all parents would relate to, and thinking about the next steps for the non profit I want to unite some of the survivors on a little more personal levels and intimate ways. So this group will be closed and private and just for parents who need a team who get it, parenting in the new normal .  . . and helping their kids work through grief and pain. 
A Reason to Stand: for kids
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A place for parents, with children who have been through traumatic events, to unite and help each other through this different type of parenting. Givi...


Anonymous said...

I WISH my parents had had a group like this after my brother committed suicide. Now, 4 years later, several of my other siblings are struggling and they think everything is fine. You are so amazing to help others and for doing this blog!

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