December 10, 2018

Miracle in every storm

Karen shares that there is a message and a miracle in every storm . Parenting advise that just might change the way you view our fight as a mother or father. Her journey of divorce, betrayal, and helping your children connect to their one source of light...Christ. As Karen learned to step back, she saw that what her son needed was a cheerleader, he already had a Savior.


Anonymous said...

Hello, thank you so very much for bringing so much light and hope in this world through your blog (I'm sure you do it in other ways too)! You are a beautiful woman inside out, and pregnancy makes you glow even more! May I please ask you for a link to the online recovery group Karen was talking about? I tried to google the name "sense of human" (I think that's what I heard) but didn't find anything. Thank you!

Shannon said...

Sons of Helamen. ��

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much! "Sons of Helaman" sound a lot better than "sense of human" :)

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