September 21, 2018

Fight Like Girls

My friend Bre from Fight like Girls. This fight of hers gets me every time, but also reminds me to keep going. Thanks for letting me interview you today beautiful lady.You are a light to so many woman, and a great reminder that we can do hard things.

Also, don't miss the announcement on A Reason to Stand. Another conference in the works (Nov 10th, and a some big changes going to announced that day!) Hope to see you there.


Kyra said...

I was so blessed to get to hear Bree speak in person at a youth conference about 2 years ago, and it forever changed my life. Listening to her story again, years later, has really awakened these feelings. I am so grateful that you both CHOOSE to keep sharing your story and CHOOSE to keep fighting. Thank you thank you.

Love, Kyra

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