August 30, 2018

Hi 5 Live with Ashlee

I was asked to be on a Facebook Live show called Hi 5 Live. Somehow my phone saved the recording. So bonus. I posted it on Youtube. It is Emmett's birthday today, thank you all for sending love for him. We will take it on to his family this weekend at their annual birthday celebration. Have a great weekend.

To read more about these stories I shared on this episode click on the link below:
A few hard days and then faith in the plan


Ashley at Frugal Coupon Living said...

Thanks Ashley. I was on Dr Phil and became a loyal follower/watcher of his shows. Shortly after my segment aired, I saw you on his show and your story resonated with the infidelity I had been through in my own life. I separated from my first husband four years into our marriage due to affairs he was having. I made the choice to stick through that marriage and we were married 3 years longer. I judged anyone walking away from their spouse, especially for what I felt were small reasons. I was staying with a husband that strayed from our marriage vows, surely they could too! There years later, I could not longer stay. The affairs continued and I wanted my girls to be raised by something different. I saw clearly the judgement I made in others. I appreciate your honesty. Having followed you for a few years, I hear a more mature person. Life already matured you with the death of your husband and raising your small tribe, but life also brought you more trials and pruned you even more - just when you thought you had seen it all. Thanks again for your message. Hugs mama!

Ashlee from The Moments We Stand said...

Thank you so much for this Ashley. We are all so brave...especially in those moments when we listen in ways we have always said we never would!! Thank you so much for sharing!

Ashlee from The Moments We Stand said...

Don’t know why it didn’t post with my name 🤷‍♀️! Ashlee

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