August 25, 2018

Best Ribs Ever

Been thinking I wanted to start sharing fun things on the blog in between my regular posts. My kids spent the night throwing down things like "best ribs ever", so I have to share this recipe I made up this morning.

Best Ribs EVER
Take your favorite style of ribs (I used pork short ribs, two huge slabs) and take out of the packaging. Take two huge pieces of aluminum foil and lay them criss cross making a large T. Fold the sides into a cup shape to make a bowl shape.  So the tin foil looks like a huge bowl shape to lay the ribs inside without leaking. Put naked ribs inside.

Pour over or set on top
1/2 cup of Coconut oil
1 cup of orange juice
4 T. sesame oil
4 T. liquid aminos (it is like soy sauce)
1 T. of your favorite seasoning (I used Tajin)
2 or 3 sweet banana wax peppers

Cover top with the tinfoil sides that were cupped up until there are no gaps. Sealing the liquid inside. So the entire meat is locked inside of tinfoil.

Put on cookie sheet in the oven or cook in a turkey roaster. Cook between 250-300 for 6-9 hours.
The longer the more tender they will be. We like ours to slide off the bones.

Open up and serve hot. They fall off the bone! We loved eating them with Sweet baby Rays BBQ sauce and a loaded baked potato and salad. So yummy.

Just FYI. This is not a paid post . . . just had to share because they were amazing. Here are some links below if you have any trouble finding the ingredients or are like me and just don't like to run to the store if you don't have to. Click on the picture.


carolyne b said...

sounds absolutely yummy.....

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