November 29, 2017

Teens helping teens

This year as I team with for their #lighttheworld campaign,  I am putting out a call to our youth to help each other. There are so many stories of high school students who are in need of all the things so many of us take advantage of. I am excited to see how these youth show up and serve each other.

December 14th. LDS chapel by the new Meridian temple. 5-9PM

New or lightly used shoes
Spirit wear hoodies (or sweat shirts with logos)
mechanical pencils and notebooks
hygiene products
toothpaste and tooth brushes

Basically I want the youth to think of the things that each morning they do to help themselves feel clean, confident, and ready to learn. Go through your closets and find the shoes you have that you will never wear, that would make someone else excited.  Buy an extra set of your favorite makeup or deodorant. Bring a few sets of your favorite pencils. Whatever you think someone your age would enjoy during this holiday season and throughout the year. We want to stock the officers closets at the High Schools so they have supplies on hand for students who need help feeling part, and ready to learn each day.

If you can imagine, a student who has to borrow their mother's shoes to come to school each day might feel a little self conscious walking into a room full of strangers. Those little things can and will make a big difference in their high school experience, and in tern can and will make a difference in their future.

You can make a difference, and I know that these young people are going to remember the love they are going to feel as we bring together hope for some of their peers.

If you are a mother or father in the Boise area and could use some of these items for Christmas time, please email me and we can get you set up with Officer Gomez in the days after the collection day.

Thank you to those of you who have offered to send in jewelry, and makeup, and the extras you have laying around. I am thankful for your willingness to help our efforts to light the world.

Side note! With my Standing Beautiful project, I have become a makeup artist for Maskcara Beauty and have loved putting quality makeup on peoples beautiful faces the last few months. It has brought me joy in so many ways.

So, if you have wanted to try the Maskcara makeup from my favorite things, now is your time to do it! I am going to be doing a fundraiser to help buy more supplies for these closets. Go to and order anything from the site using party number 13857. and I will donate 100% of my sales to this youth project.

And same goes with order anything from this website under my name in the month of December and will  donate the proceeds to this project!! So everyone wins. You get the most quality skin care and makeup on the market, and I get more ways to help these youth help each other!!


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