January 9, 2017

Be You

This year one of my resolutions is to be genuine. To be real. So a lot of the things I will share on here will be ideas and thoughts that help me and anyone else looking for the same to find hope in fighting for it.

I got an email a few days ago from a company promising to make my Instagram account beautiful—teach me how take pictures that glamorize my life and make others want to follow me. They promised hundreds of thousands of followers in no time. To this—instead of glamour—it made me want to make my account even more real. Not for followers looking to follow the fake me, but to help anyone who follows my account to appreciate the realness right in front of them. Life isn't about posing for fake pictures...it is about capturing moments that are real. This is a picture of all the extra "stuff" we removed from our house the past few weeks. Stuff that promised happiness...but really just added chaos. Life isn't about how much stuff—or followers—we can acquire...it is about what we use it for to help others, and find the real us along the way.

Here is a great article about that realness we all need more of in our life.



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