December 12, 2016


Bostyn and Bailey asked me to share a link to their new website, but before I do I want to tell you a little about the project they are doing.

Last year Bostyn and Bailey participated in a NASA project science experiment. Out of all the 5th through 12th graders who applied with a proposal, they were chosen as fifth graders . . . as the winners. (I need to do a video and let them explain their experiment because I am not smart enough to!) 

NASA has invited them to go to Florida in January for the launching of the rocket carrying their science experiment, and then come home and be guest speakers for some of the local elementary schools to promote their education program. Obviously this is a huge opportunity and we are so proud of these girls. 

Bostyn and Bailey will be raising money in order to fund their trip. They are going to be cleaning houses, babysitting, and working on an art project for children sick in the hospital, and their families. Please contact us if you have some odd jobs for them do around your house or snow removal. They created a website for their "angel art" and are looking for families to draw pictures for and donations for their project. Click on the link to learn more: 

The art projects are going to be for sick children, or the family of those who have lost a child or parent. The donations will all go toward their trip and the fun activities they get to do with their NASA  group while they are in Florida. 

Thank you for any donations you can give to these two as they work hard to be able to travel to Florida, even a dollar will help!! This is a once in a life time opportunity. (NASA mission 9) 

So proud of these two and their creative minds. My heart swells with pride as I watch my kids fight to stand tall in their lives and write a new story. Thank you for everyone who has touched their life with prayers and support and love. I will be posting pictures and videos of the launch after! Can't wait to see it in real life. Wish we could take you all with us.

(Getting the award last year)


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