November 16, 2016


A few weeks ago on The Voice the song Hello was song by two guys named Christian and Jason. I wiped tears with each note. The kids and I instantly fell in love since that has been one of our favorite songs for a long time, but even more we felt so connected to the two boys on the stage.  I downloaded it on iTunes the second it was over. 

Every day since, the kids have begged to listen to it over and over throughout the day. I haven't complained! I felt an instant connection to the song and have enjoyed the hundreds of times I have heard it since. 

On the way to school this morning, after listening to it for the third time, I had a moment of clarity of why this song has connected with us so powerfully. The boys who sang it together both told their stories before the performance. One had lost his father to death a few years before and the other had a father who has been in prison. 

All the sudden I realized why this song means so much to my kids. They know first hand the pain in the plea. 

I thought back on all the times when my babies have prayed for the other children involved in our story. The pain they have felt for them for what they have gone through has been a testimony of compassion and empathy for me. 

Today I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been willing to share their stories with the world. For these two boys, I will probably never meet, but so thankful they shared their pain in telling their story and the power in their voices as they sang it to the world. I cannot imagine losing my father in either of these ways, and yet so many children have had to endure it. 

Thanks for helping mine not feel so alone, and those who have lost their dads in a different way. 

It is Wednesday, one week until Thanksgiving. I am thankful for so many things, but today . . . I am thankful for brave people. Brave stories, and faith that we can endure whatever life sends our way. 

We aren't alone, everyone you meet has a story to share. A world full of people battling to overcome. Keep fighting! 


Anne Neville said...

I love that song. This version is amazing.

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