November 10, 2016

Colors at war

We live in a world full of contradictions. We fight for peace. We lie about our strength to get power. We tear others down so we can feel big. We want our voices to be heard—our opinions to matter—but we don’t want to hear what anybody else has to say. We hurt the ones we love. We hate those who believe in something we do not, but we stand for our own rights and freedoms. We long to live in a country lead by leaders who are honest and care, so we hate anyone who doesn’t find those answers in the same party that we do.

We teach our children to be kind . . . but we show them how to hate. We want them to grow up to be individuals, but we push them to friends who will help them fit in. We tell them to love everyone, as they watch us pick a side and draw a line in the sand. We want them to stand up for themselves—but we shelter them when anyone tries to question who they are. We want them to fight their own battles, but we never let them try. We tell them to always show respect . . . but we don’t show them how.

We live in a world full of fighters, who are taking a stand against all that they do not understand. A world full of insecure individuals who have been trained to hate anyone different than them—to despise anyone who can’t see things their way . . . and then we wonder why our nation is divided.  We wonder why our babies are taking guns into schools. We wonder why nobody seems to know where they belong. They are confused. Hurting. Longing to know where they are safe.

We tell them to be strong, then they are put down for their strength. Nobody knows exactly who they should be, because the minute they try . . . somebody—somewhere—is going to hate it.

Too skinny, too fat, too black, too white. Too ugly, too pretty, too smart, too stupid. Don’t try so hard, work harder. Don’t be so silly, why are you so serious? You have to move on, how dare you succeed. You need to be strong, it is ok to be broken. You must be honest no matter what, but don't be too bold it will hurt someone's feelings. Too passionate, too passive. Too young, too old. Too tall, too short. Too much . . . not enough.

Contraditions. Chaos. Confusion. In our world. In our countries. In our towns. In our families. And in our hearts. We don’t feel safe being ourselves, so we break down anyone who tries to be.

We want to save everyone from believing the lies we just know we have answers for. So we fight them, and put them down . . . because we truly believe, until they can see life from where we stand, they will never be happy. And yet here we are . . . divided and broken—waiting for the world to change, to make us happy.

So misery, fear, anger, and bitterness fill our newsfeeds. Everyone disappointed that someone else isn’t making them happy. Everyone thinking they have the answer to another man’s joy. Only the problem with all of us hating each other as we fight for who is right—is that everyone is losing. Because history has proved that hate never brings unity. Revenge and fighting never bring peace.

If we want to live in a world that is loving—we have to be tolerable of the unlovable. If we want peace, we have to search for light. If we want to feel hope, we have to cling to faith. If we want to feel united—we must let others speak . . . but even more, we must listen. We don’t have to agree to respect. If we want to speak our truths, we have to learn to do it without the expectation that it is going to change anyone but ourselves.

When we are truly doing good for our world, it won’t matter what they think of it. We won’t need others to agree with us to help us know we are making a difference.

This time around lets do it better—for each other, for our children—for our God. We have all been blessed with so much. Let us use that freedom to share our light, not add to the darkness. You can make the difference in another person’s life—not by forcing them to find joy in your ideas . . . but by loving them as they are.

To unite a nation, we love the people. To unite a people, we are tolerant of their differences. To unite the world, we bring together our strengths and stand strong in knowing we don’t have to be the same to find joy in being together. We learn that we can be enough even when someone else is strong.

The real battles aren’t the ones being fought in red and blue—it is a fight of dark and light. Let God be with us as we share His truths, showing each hurting soul that they are enough. Standing for what we believe by living a life full of love for all men.

He didn’t create us to destroy each other, He made us different to learn how to love as He does.  Someday it will all make sense, but until then . . . let us find strength in living the faiths that teach us how to love our neighbor—no matter what color of bumper sticker they sport. No matter what type of building they gather in on Sunday. No matter what color their skin, their eyes, or their hair.

Unity comes in all colors and all forms . . . but it always starts with love.

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