October 19, 2016


Well I have spent my morning packing every suitcase in this house. And I am absolutely still in my pajamas with my hair in a bun. It is nighttime somewhere . . .

So looking forward to spending the weekend in sunny St. George, Utah. A Reason to Stand is almost a packed house, so if you were planning on just showing up you better grab your seat on the website ASAP.

Also. I am giving a ticket away on my Instagram account and picking the winner tonight. I have done a two week series of giveaways on there, that will all be wrapping this evening. So go check them out and get in on some free stuff!! Maskcara makeup, skin care, dresses, decorations, essential oils, wallet, hair brushes, books, hair extensions, norwex cleaning supplies, yoga mats. Fun stuff!! Click on this link: The Moments We Stand Instagram

I hope everyone is having an amazing week. For everyone who is going to be in St. George this weekend, please come give me a big hug when you get there. See you soon!



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