October 10, 2016

He already has

Sometimes my heart hurts. It used to be because of my own pain and embracing my own reality. Now my heart hurts for those I have to watch walk paths I have had to walk—spouses who have experienced infidelity or friends who have had to go through the death of a loved one. So many times in the last few years I have wished I could just do it all again—in their place—instead of watching them have to suffer. I see them struggle, and genuinely wish I could save them and take away the hurt.

So tonight I just wanted to share how grateful I am that we have a Savior; that—though we cannot take away another's pain—we know that they can make it through. For it is not our strength that will ease another's burdens and help them find their journey to healing . . . it is Christ.

And every path He leads us down to be His hands, or to see with His eyes, is a gift we get to be apart of. And He has given us each other to physically stand in His place at times. Tonight I am grateful for that miracle. That the Savior of the world will save us all . . . from each other, from the darkness, and even save us from ourselves at times. He is there. ALWAYS. All we have to do is reach out our hand and He will help us take that first step to standing.

So many hurting in a broken world. We cannot save everyone. But Christ can . . . and He already has.

We watched this video tonight as a family...


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