October 26, 2016

A glimpse . . .

Here is a little glimpse into our day at A Reason to Stand last weekend in St. George, Utah. Please leave comments on cities that I should put on the list. I have a goal in the next ten years to be in every state sharing my message. So give me some feedback where you are and where I should look into for future conferences, if you have access to great facilities, or have an event that needs a speaker!!  I love meeting the people who have supported and loved me, and have allowed me to do the same for them. It is empowering to look people in the eye and share a hug. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and seen the good I am trying to share. I love you all.

I love doing interviews with different bloggers and media (I know you wouldn't know it by how I have complained about the Dr. Phil show). Haha. But for real, I am starting to enjoy chances to share thoughts and bring to light what my healing journey has been. Had a wonderful interview with Meximoments a few weeks back if you want to check it out:


Julie said...

Spokane, WA! You are an inspiration Ashlee. Thank you for helping all of us find our inner courage.

Unknown said...

Dr. Phil is nothing like regular media or bloggers!

nancy said...

Arizona!! Going through a divorce where I found my husband cheating and that as we keep going on through it the lies keep coming and coming. It is worse than than onion.

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