September 14, 2016

Brave Survivors

Victims don't get back up. Victims spend their life blaming everyone around them for their unhappiness. Victims fall down and wait around for someone else to come and make them feel whole. 

As a victim we never feel strong. We feel weak and broken. 

To survive something we don't let it break us, we fight to stand back up instead of waiting for someone to show us how. We stand tall, not because it is easy, but because we are worth way more than anyone on earth has shown us we are. 

The difference in the stories of survivors and victims is just one thing. Bravery. 

I am brave. I am strong. And I will live my life as a survivor.


Unknown said...

This made me cry! I'm coming off of a very traumatic weekend where old messages and lies bombarded me. Old panic and heartache resurfaced and tried to take me down.

This week I have been sad, and tearful, and broken...... And at the same time knowing that it won't last.

Thank you for this post....
I have been the victim and I am a survivor.

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