August 25, 2016

With Grace

 Though I wrestle with the impressions to have to share hard things, I know that these truths come from God. And for that, I am thankful for the opportunity to learn and relearn them. I believe in His plan, though there are so many things I don't know I will ever fully understand, maybe that is all part of the test of life. 

What ever your story, and the pains that you carry. You are enough for Him, and He loves you. 


Bea said...

Thank you!!! I always love hearing your encouraging words!

Jennifer said...

Thank you for continuing to inspire me & so many others. I loved reading your books.

Unknown said...

How can I contact you? I am thrilled by your inspiring story and feel you can impact those I serve

Unknown said...

So powerful!! I cannot begin to understand your pain and the great depth of it. I had tears rolling down my face when you were reading and you have a gift of communication that the reader or hearer (my experience) can get a true picture and even feel what you were feeling. If that makes sense (i dont have gift of communication).

Ashlee you are making a difference. I just want you to know i come here when i am down and out and stressed and feel less than. You never disappoint Lil Mama!! (No disrespect intended).

I thank you for lifting me up and giving me hope and inspiration. Going what you went through and even still going through, in what would have broken most people to despair and despondency. Truly gives hope that no matter what God is God and He is Good even when life and circumstances scream otherwise!! Thank you for telling me that i am enough.

God Bless You and Yours Ashlee!! I cannot wait for Jesus to return!! I believe He is at the door and it will be soon!!

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