July 23, 2016

Another day to stand

For the last few years I have shared my heart with the world as a blogger. It is not a title I ever would have chosen for myself, but every day I have learned it is where I was always meant to be.

Along this same journey I have had the opportunity to become a motivational speaker—also not something I would have ever aspired to . . . but still I find myself here.

I have felt very humbled to be in these positions and have spent many days speaking for all different crowds of people, each time learning something new myself.

I have run my own conferences and brought together teams of motivational speakers from all walks of life. In them I have met some of my best friends, all with a different story.

It is crazy how some things in life choose us; many times contrary to every plan we ever set out to live.

So here it is.

The past few months I have been having dreams and many thoughts teaching me about a spiritual trauma healing therapy that I have felt inspired to create. I would like to start working with clients one on one, over the phone or FaceTime, to begin putting it into practice, and learning even more myself.

If you or someone you know would like to sign up please email me at themomentswestand@gmail.com. Space will be limited, but I feel strongly that there are some of you who read this blog that need to learn from this method and I am excited to watch it grow.

Also starting this week, I am going to be booking speaking engagements for the next year so I can get my calendar planned out. If you are interested in booking me for a future event, please contact me ASAP so we can get it set up.

Thank you to the businesses, churches, and organizations that have believed in me these past few years. As daunting as it has been—and how inadequate I have felt—it has shown me where I belong. There have not been many moments in my life when I have felt so close to my Savior then when I have a microphone in my hand on stage speaking of the truths that He has given me—truths about death, truths about forgiveness, truths about worth, truths about healing and choosing to stand, and truths about life.

I have a message I want to share—not because it is easy, but because I believe in this mission. Thank you for supporting me. If you would have asked me a few years ago why . . . why I was willing to open my heart to complete strangers, I would have told you it was because I had the hope to change just one—save one marriage, stop one gun, protect one heart. But the truth is: this mission has saved one. It has saved me.

Thanks for letting me grow, and heal, and follow the prompting to embrace my story.

My name is Ashlee. I am a survivor of infidelity and murder. And I am still standing. I am the survivor of victimhood—and I am still fighting every day to forgive, to overcome, and to bring light to a dark world.

I choose to stand. 

I have created a website for my speaking and on one one sessions. Since this will still remain my blog for stories and inspiration, I thought it would be easier to use the new website for information on speaking and trauma healing one-on-ones. 

For more information the website is: www.ashleebirk.com


andrea chiu said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for inspiring us. Keep it up and continue on what your doing. Visit my site too.



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