June 24, 2016

Festival Performance

The girls have been studying voice the past six months and were invited to perform for a city festival last weekend.

Kaleeya singing "Let it Go".  For all of you who have read my blog for a while, you know why I had tears running down my face during this performance, and why this was the song she chose out of all the songs in the world. (That story here)

(Don't mind the horn at the beginning...a fireman water race was going on nearby at the festival) 


*Jordyn had to miss this day . . . so her performance coming soon (next time)! 

Bostyn performed Little Mix's "Love me or Leave me". I love this girl's hard work and love for singing. She rocked it. 

Bailey also chose a Little Mix song. "Secret Love Song". I love this girls gumption and powerhouse range. 

Thanks for sharing your gift and love of music girls. You have such a unique light that brightens my day! 


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