May 23, 2016

Gearing up for summer

Gearing up for summer. Sharing a few ideas to strengthen yourself and your children to prepare for a successful and organized summer. 

Summer can be overwhelming for us mothers. I can promise you the mixed emotions are in all of us. Excited to be free of due dates and deadlines, but scared to entertain and referee children who easily get bored and fight with each other. The internal battle is real. 

With six kids at home, these are a few of the ways my family is gearing up to face the challenges before they come up. 

Fighting for each other . . . teaming up in our battles.

Finding our truths . . . so we can live in them.

And organizing our days so we can create, learn, and play with less chaos. 

What are you doing in these last few weeks to prepare for the fun summer can be?  I would love to hear your ideas and what has and hasn't worked for you in the past.


Amy said...

We always make a list of some of the fun things we want to do over the summer - including simple things like hikes, picnics, doorbell ditching treats, ice cream cones, slip and slides, pool day, swim lessons, library day, hike in the dark, etc... and then choose one to several each week. I also like to make a daily chart for my kiddos with their goals: spiritual, physical activity, job(s) around the house, basic daily jobs (make bed, brush teeth, etc) so they can get those done first before friends and fun. Even though there isn't a lot of structure in summer, I really do think that kids do like structure of some sort. I like them keeping up on writing in their journals, reading a scripture or New Era or Friend article, writing to Gramma, helping around the house and oh yes, they each get a night each week where they get to help prepare, serve and clean up dinner with me. Of course this doesn't happen every day, but getting them involved helps me and helps them be accountable for being a productive family member! I love summer and actually cry when I send my kids back to school in August!! Oh yes, and there are PLENTY of lazy-days-of-summer around here when all job lists are just forgotten about.... :)

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