May 25, 2016

A family worth blending: 10 epic fails

Last night Shawn and I were getting ready for bed and decided we needed to do a five minute video on the struggles of being a step parent for our blended family segment. 

Thirty minutes later we had covered 10 of our epic fails. So here you go. Blended families, many of you will relate to some of these epic fails of ours, but we would love to hear about yours! Also maybe a list of 10 of your triumphs that will help others in their crazy cycle. 

We all have a cycle of our unique challenges. Weaknesses in our families. Broken pieces in ourselves.  Insecurities and annoyances. But I know that these are there to help us fight to become stronger. The more we become aware of our personal cycles, the easier it will be to overcome and stop them before they get out of control. 

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday! Thank you in advance for your comments here and on Youtube about your crazy cycle, your families epic fails, and the ways that you have overcome them! 

We appreciate all the emails and stories! Helps this journey not feel so daunting and lonely. All families have challenges, blended or not! So I hope all of you know you aren't alone, on those days when it feels like your house is falling apart and you just want to give up. So many of us have been there. The pain, the fear, and the heart ache that life brings is real! But it is worth the fight. 

Keep fighting families! We believe in you. God believes in you! The real enemy in our lives is not each other. So don't give up! Every minute of every day fight to bring light to your life. It will always win. 


Unknown said...

Something you said really struck me; you said not to compare your spouse good or bad to the other relationship. I'm divorced and haven't had the opportunity to remarry yet but I will be applying this advice into my next marriage. I had always thought of the bad triggers but somehow had never thought of the good moments I had with my ex-husband as being problematic in my next relationship. Thanks you two!

Charity said...

Have you read or listened to the book hold me tight by Susan Johnson? If not, check it out!

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