April 25, 2016

What does it feel like...to lose a parent

Death. Hard to understand...especially when you are a kid. In some ways losing a parent makes you grow up in a split second...but also makes you wise beyond your years. 

I asked these five to tell what it was like to lose a parent by answering five questions.
 How did it feel for you? 
How has it changed you? 
What helped you get through? 
What would you tell yourself if you could go back to that moment? 
What advice would you give another kid who just lost their parent? 

We could all learn a little something from the little ones around us...truths we sometimes forget.

A big thank you to Bailey, Bostyn, Teage, Kaleeya, and Tytus for sharing their hearts. They have never stopped surprising me with their wisdom and all the things they have taught me in the last five years. 

***Blended families. Before we can truly blend our families together, first we must understand what it felt like to be in the other half's shoes. The next videos we are working on will be covering what it feels like to be adopted, go through divorce, blend a family from the kids perspective, and be a step parent. As we gain empathy for others struggles, we are better able to see them as God sees them.


Unknown said...

Sweet children besring testimony that God loves us and we are never alone even in our darkest hours. Beautiful!!

glenda said...

Beautiful kids. Hugs & kisses makes everything better.

Anonymous said...

What sweet tender moments felt by each one of your children. Thank you!

beapinkal said...

I loved every minute of this! Your kids are beautiful and strong! Keep being who you are and never forget that you are not alone!

Anonymous said...

Bostyn, Bailey, Teage, Kaleeya and Tytus...THANK YOU for sharing your sweet testimonies for all of us to hear. I haven't lost a parent like you have and I am amazed at your courage. Thank you for being brave. Thank you for letting your heart and emotion show and for being HONEST about how hard it is to lose someone you love so much. I am so so so sorry for your loss. I can only imagine the pain of that sometimes feels really really overwhelming. I'm sorry you have to deal with that at such a young, tender age. But in each of your eyes...I see the eyse of your dad. I've never met him, or any of your family, but I see your dad in your eyes. OH HOW PROUD HE MUST BE! What a wonderful way to celebrate your dad to reach out to other children who might be struggling and talk to them and help them. I know, my heart feels sad sometimes. And I know that when my heart is sad that thing that helps me feel better almost always is to help someone else. Beautiful kids, keep helping! You will grow and be strengthened for all the ways your tender hearts have grown through this awful experience. No one should EVER have to live what you've lived. But what I know is that many people who do don't have the courage and strength to make a good life out of their hard one. Keep fighting for the happy times and don't ever let your fear, anger or hate because of this win. You are a light...and your light is touching others.

Ashlee...I've never met you but have been captivated by your journey from the beginning. It is CLEAR you have worked tirelessly to help your children talk through and understand the difficult trauma in a real meaningful way. You have done an AMAZING job. Don't stop. Keep changing. Keep forging through in whatever small or big way you feel lead. You are making a difference...most importantly in the lives of those beautiful faces you call your own. What a gift they have in you as a mother. Bostyn and Bailey are like spitting image of you and have such poise and grace as they talk so grown up. Kaleeya looks SO MUCH like her daddy. What a sweetheart...those big beautiful eyes speak volumes. Teage...I have 3 boys who are OBSESSED with their daddy. Oh how it must hurt. I can see how hard it still is for him to express. Teage...your daddy is so proud. He loves you so much. Keep making him proud...it's ok to always miss him. And your little Tytus...what a little light to get you through a dark dark time. He was meant to be there during that struggle...to keep you going every day.

You should all be very, very proud of all that you've accomplished in these trying years. Hugs from AZ.

Ashlee said...

Thank you so much!! These kids are a light for me and I am grateful they are willing to share that light to help others!! Thanks for your sweet words!

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