April 15, 2016

Spring Clean

These last few weeks I have been spring cleaning like never before. Not so much for a clean house, but for a clearer mind. I feel like anytime there is chaos around me, I am filled with more anxiety and it effects my relationships and the roles that I am wanting to be stronger in my home. 

So I needed to get rid of some stuff. For many reasons...but mainly it was part of my journey of letting go. 
I got rid of 3/4 of the possessions in my own closet...many things I had been holding onto for years and years. Many of which carried a lot of negative memories that pulled me down every time I saw them. 
Found a lot of things throughout the house that triggered some of the fears of my past. So I made this short video of why I didn't let those fears or triggers win. Warning... prepare to see some hoarding at its finest! 😜
This video is not intended for helping others learn to organize...I am the last person to give advise on that--but will hopefully help anyone in the grieving process know they aren't alone--some of these triggers and things we hold onto that don't always make sense in our minds are all part of the healing journey after trauma.
So here is a small documentary of some of those little moments in my cleaning project. Thoughts on how to overcome things that are easy to avoid, and hopefully if nothing else motivation for you to purge your life of things that don't have a purpose or place or bring you happiness. 

Happy Dejunk your life day! 

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paigeandbryce said...

Loved this! Since baby #5 I have felt overwhelmed by all that needs to be done around the house. As a result, our house has become chaos. Your house is not chaos in the least, but just seeing your dishes in the sink and your baking sheets cupboard that looks just like mine, it helped me feel like, ok, not everyone has a perfect house and so maybe I am not failing miserably after all. It was motivating! Thank you! And I may even record befores and afters too, just for my sake :)

Unknown said...

Loved this. Soooooo helpful

Unknown said...

I totally feel ya. This helped me realize what triggers really are.

Unknown said...

I totally feel ya. This helped me realize what triggers really are.

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