April 3, 2016

Put Family First

Today during ‪#‎ldsconf‬ I wrote a few different times in my notes "put family first". It was part of many themes through out the weekend that stuck out at me. 
Then tonight they aired our story on Dateline NBC as a rerun. Of course I didn't watch it. But found myself thinking about the many parts of the story that I talked about during my interview with them. And I remembered that was one of the things I said--or pleaded really. "Put your family first!"
What if we were all to put our family first? How would the world be different? How would our stories be different? How would our relationships be stronger if we were to always think of those we love during every decision that we made? Even the small, seemingly insignificant divisions could result in devastating consequences if starting down the wrong road. Selfishness, pride, secrets and lies...they all start somewhere. 
We can't go back and change the past, but we can chose a different future. We will all stand at crossroads every single day. Cross roads between right and wrong, good and bad. The answers will become so clear if we can take this simple truth and remember why they are worthy and worth us fighting for. Our families deserve all this world has to offer--especially our faith and our love, our time and our devotion. 
If you have wandered down dark roads full of secrets...Make right those wrongs. Change. It could just save your life. From the bottom of my heart please...Put your family first.


Unknown said...

I watched your story again and said a prayer for you and your family. You are such an inspiration to me after losing my baby brother to suicide two years ago. Your blog has kept me going through the tradies we face. You are so right to say the things about the past and moving forward. We can't change the past, but we can change and we can grow! God Bless You!! Stay strong!

Ashlee said...

Thanks Beth. I can't imagine losing a brother to suicide. Definitely agree with you. We have to stay strong and make the future bright! Bless you girl!

Anonymous said...

You are truly inspirational! I am so sorry that you have had to face such awful hardships, but I am so happy that God has brought you back from such an incredibly terrible situation to a place of finding love again. You and your children were the true victims in all of this. ♡

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