April 6, 2016

Media Inspired

Last night we watched a movie called Where Hope Grows. Have you seen it?

It is about a man who was a pro baseball player, who is now just a washed up drunk who has lost sight of his daughter and everything that is important in life. A local produce boy at a grocery store—with down syndrome—comes into his path and reminds him what life is really about. Loved it. Cried and laughed and felt uplifted. One of my favorite lines from it was at the funeral the speaker said something like, "We will all have two dates on our headstones. If nothing else, we are promised those two things . . . but is the little dash in between that really makes all the difference. It is what we do during that dash that will make up our life."

There is power in watching an uplifting message in the form of a movie. We have been loving finding movies that we can watch with the whole family that make us feel connected to each other and to God.

 I love real life stories and lessons learned, and miracles seen. Some of our favorites lately have been: The War Room, Saratov Approach, God is Not Dead, Heaven is for Real, The Cokeville Miracle, The Heart of Christmas, Woodlawn, Inside Out, and Mom’s Night Out.

Also, the kids and I loved Fuller House on Net Flix. I loved the way they portray some of the realness of widowhood and grief, but also make life fun and livable. I was a Full House watcher as a kid, but my kids LOVED it too. So give that one a try.

So what movies/shows have inspired you? I need a new list to start watching with my family.


SHH said...

We really liked On the Way to School on Netflix. If may be too slow for your younger children, but it sure made my 16 year old more appreciative. We loved God is Not Dead! Glad you mentioned that! For more entertainment and yet still inspiring, hopefully you've seen our families two favorite movies of all time - Miracle and Cool Runnings.

SHH said...

Are you familiar with the poem "The Dash" ? If not, be sure to read it. It's a favorite message of mine!

Ashlee said...

Awesome!! We will look those up! Thank you.

Ashlee said...

No! I will have to check that out too.

Kristy said...

Have you seen BELIEVE? It is a cute and inspirational movie about a little boy who plays soccer. It is based on true events. My family loved it. I got it at Deseret Book but I've seen it on Netflix and Amazon :)
You can read about it here

Anonymous said...

Miracles from Heaven was amazing! You would love it!

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