April 30, 2016

8 Steps to Overcoming Betrayal Trauma

I was speaking for a betrayal trauma seminar retreat going on in California today over FaceTime on my computer. So I decided part way through to record to share with you all. Sorry you missed the first part. I showed my dirty house after the twins late night birthday party last night . . . yikes!! 

Thank you lovely woman for having me today. I know it is hard as woman of faith to overcome this trauma of betrayal while you feel like you are the only broken family. You are not alone! We are all fighting many battles! Never stop.

These are eight steps I have found to overcome betrayal trauma and find freedom from the pain. 


Frisco girl said...

Thanks. You said a lot of stuff that was really helpful for me today.

Anonymous said...

Just listened to this after having it saved on my phone for a week. Thank you. Touched my heart, brought on tears and hope. It's exhausting going through all the emotions of this everyday, but I'm searching for answers and the light at the end.

Lillith Anywhere said...

I dont know if it works for me.
I was betrayed 3 times. when i was recovering from the previous , another happened.
right now i just dont know what do anymore.
I know its not my fault, but i have lost my arrow when it comes to love...

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