February 13, 2016


Shawn and I were at the temple tonight and ran into the same cute couple from this post. http://www.themomentswestand.com/2015/08/the-darkest-light.html It was pretty amazing and felt like such a small world that two years later on Valentines, there they were. We talked to them about what a cool experience that had been for us. 

Giveaway Winner...

Ok since I made all of you do it to win a ticket...guess I get to take a turn. Something I love about myself is my ability to love. It has had its tests...but never died. 

I love all the friends I have made these past few years and grateful for each of you and your amazing unique characteristics that made you great!! Thanks for being my friends and teaching me even more about love. 

Thanks to everyone who shared their good qualities. I have picked winners for the conference tickets and books! But there is still time to use code LOVE to get half price on March 4th Online conference or the March 5th live Boise Idaho.

I can't tell you how incredible this year is going to be! Please come support these amazing woman and
men who make this conference what it is!!

The winner for the blog is AMY! 
Amy said...
I love that I can laugh even when all I want to do is cry

Email me if you want a ticket to Boise or online. Also your shipping address for the books!! @themomentswestand@gmail.com


Amy said...

Yay! Thank you! Sending email now!

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