February 19, 2016


The key to forgiveness is pushing through fear. Challenging it instead of retreating from it. Forging through darkness instead of getting lost in it. Changing what we believe about ourselves, about the past, and our fears about the future. Forgiveness is a process of believing God when He said He sent His Son, so by grace we could LIVE. Grace is what can help us forgive when we are wronged. Grace is what can calm us when we are asked to live a different plan than the one we had for ourselves. It is through grace that we can heal and truly become whole. 
The past few weeks as I prepare to speak about forgiveness I have been awakened a few times with thoughts I have to get up and write down. Last night I stared at this picture on my wall and thought over these truths about forgiveness. 
We all have miracles every day. One of the greatest is the miracle of forgiveness. It truly can set us free. It can change us. Forgiveness is real. I believe that Christ can perform miracles now, just as He did in the bible. We are all His miracles. He is closer than we know, and He is ready to help us start the journey to forgive. 
I cannot wait to share in a few weeks the truths of my heart. I know each of us has had our own hard road and I am so thankful for the many of you who have taught me through yours. We are not alone! Thank goodness we are all surrounded by imperfect people--each of us striving for something more than ourselves. 


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