January 25, 2016

Talking about grief and loss

I used to think that grief was an event, more than a process. It is so interesting to talk to others who have had their own journey of overcoming a loss and the different processes grief can take.

It is always crazy to me how grief works. One day you go about like normal, and the next one little trigger sends you into a tail spin. No matter how many years have passed, or healing you have done, grief can still peak its head into your life.

Please remember you are never alone. There are so many people who are fighting similar battles. Grief is not just about death. We start a grieving process anytime life doesn't go the way we planned. Sometimes it is merely the loss of a story of the life we always thought we would live. Grief doesn't have to be lonely.

I always learn so much talking to these ladies, I love that their grief has brought them closer to the Savior. Thank you for your examples of faith and the wonderful insight you bring into my life.


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