January 29, 2016


I am so honored to be hosting this conference in Boise again. Excited to start announcing presenters next week. I know there are so many of our friends in the Boise area who could benefit form this conference. And even more around the world for the online day that Friday. Please pass on the info and help me share this message!
"Forgiveness from within" is the theme this year and each presenter and class is going to be about tools and experiences centered around forgiveness. 
Forgiveness is such a unique journey for every one of us, but is so important in our healing. As we learn the tools of true forgiveness, grace becomes possible in our stories. 
I know so many--if not all of us--have a story that has been hard. This conference doesn't just unite victims to empower each other. It will deliver tools to survivors who are ready to live life unfrozen. It will empower not only your mind, but your spirit to reach deep inside the broken pieces and fill your emptiness with the love it has been seeking. I believe in these tools and these lessons that I, and the other presenters will teach, with all my heart. And I hope as you come, your heart too will find the peace and healing that you seek.

Presenters can be found here. 


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