January 12, 2016

A Reason to Stand: ONLINE

Good News! WE have added an online day to our event in Boise. Since the extra day in Ogden was such a hit, I decided that we needed to have an extra day in Boise. But . . . since I want to see all of you there, I have prepared a special online portion of our conference.

And the best part is . . . you can be in your pjs to attend. Friday, March 4th please join us online (10am-3pm) Once you register you will be emailed the links to get onto the conference through your email!

This is so exciting for me, and I am so grateful for Mothers Who Know

who are sponsoring this portion of the conference to allow us to reach out to more of you who want and need to be part. I look forward to a day of healing and tools that will strengthen all who attend! 

Here is ticket info to reserve your place. Spots are limited so get yours reserved. I will be speaking at the online event, and in Boise the next day . . . but I have amazing presenters booked for both days. And the lineup will not be the same, so even if you will be in person on Sat, join us on Friday online as well. 

So excited!! If you can't tell . . . I have been rambling on and on and on. Haha. Ok. I will be done now. See you all very soon. 

Ok one more thing. Just for readers of The Moments We Stand. I opened up the discount code for $25.00 off of a Boise ticket or a double day ticket. Use Code 2016 at checkout. And the code STAND will get you $5 off of the online ticket. Those will be open until Teage's birthday next week Jan 23rd.


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