December 22, 2015

Winner Winner Winner Day 7

Today I picked two winner.

The first is from #themomentswestand #areasontostand on Instagram. Congratulations to Britt_hope. You are the lucky winner of this book:
Please email me your info and I will get it sent out to you!! You have no idea how much it will change your life. You will have to let me know what you walked away with after you read it.

And winner number two today comes from the blog. Kami Satterlee you win the tickets to A Reason to Stand March5th Boise Idaho.  Please email me your email address. I will email those two you!! I will look forward to getting to give you a big hug there!!

The winner for the Maskcara makeup will be announced tomorrow. So make sure you are in the runnings for that one!!

Thanks for all the fun comments and sweet messages this past week. I have had a blast getting to know new friends and sharing some things a little bit differently about me.


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