December 30, 2015

The one horrible comment every mother needs to hear

Family Share. Thank you for publishing this story as well. This is for all you Mom's. Especially mom's of multiples or many children!!


Anonymous said...

I am a foster Mom and hear that all.the.time. My reply is always, "If I am going to be busy this is what I want to be busy with." Meaning kids. I hope that man's perspective is what people mean. I find people so judgemental. Especially when they realize that I chose to bring extra kiddos in my home. They have to go somewhere and I feel so blessed to have them here.

Melissa said...

I guess I never took offense when people said that to me. Usually they were smiling and I could see they were reliving when they had their hands full with their own little ones.

Sommer said...

Great insight!

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