December 9, 2015

Get back up

All of us get constructive criticism once and a while. Lately it seems I have lots of it coming my way. I am so thankful for one particular email I received this week that really made me think. I have been writing on this blog for almost two years about the crappy parts of life and glimmers of hope that have helped me through them. I have spent a lot of time getting out of my head the struggles of my past, and the daily struggles I am in now. This particular reader reminded me of that, and today I am so grateful she did. It has given me lots of ideas on sharing the highs of my life as well. So here it goes. Changing it up.

Some days are still going to be hard, and I am going to share tools on how we can overcome them, but somedays I am just going to share the joys.

Two days ago Shawn took me to lunch and then the kids and I went ice skating for my birthday. It is probably one of my favorite birthdays I have ever had. A perfect simple kind of day. One that reminded me of all the good I hold in my arms. Parenthood. Marriage. Not always easy, but nothing brings me greater joy.


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