October 19, 2015

A moment to change

One day, a few years ago, I looked in the mirror and hated what I saw. I hated everything about the me he had walked out on so many times. I hated the woman who had naively been happy, but living a lie. I hated the insecure being who I had become. I had "moved on". I was remarried... I was living life...But I was still hurting so much. I stared blankly in the mirror for a long time, grumbling bitterness about myself under my breath. 
All of the sudden I got this overwhelming feeling of love. And these words echoed in my mind, "you are enough..." I broke down crying and stared at myself while tears fell down my face. I wasn't enough for a lot of people... The past had proven that so. But if I was enough for God, then I had to learn to become enough for myself. 

And I have been fighting that battle every day since. To see myself as enough for Him... because the rest don't matter anyway. 
We aren't going to be enough for everyone... We will never be able to change that. But we are enough for Him, and to get that kind of love...we don't have to change anything. ‪#‎aReasontostand‬


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