September 6, 2015

The need to change

For anyone who is struggling to heal from a personal addiction or the addiction of someone you love, I recommend watching these 12 videos about recovery and change. Shawn and I spent the night watching them and we both learned a lot. I could relate to something in every single video. Not to the extremes that they shared, but I have had times when I have struggled to change a weakness into a strength.

Life is about becoming better each day. Guess that means we are all are going to have to continue to grow and change. Change can be scary, but it can bring blessings we never knew were possible. Feeling motivated tonight to continue to work on some of the challenges inside of me that have been holding me back.

Keep fighting all the battles worth winning. Change is possible for us all, no matter where we have been.

12 Steps to Change


Veronica Clarke said...

Love this Ashlee. I added it to our grief website. What a fabulous resource to help us learn how to change. Whether the changes you need to make are small or more extreme, there are principles to learn in these stories that will give you the power to make them.

glenda said...

I saw the movie War Room last night and I thought of you! Many times you would go in your closet and cry and pray. Have you seen it? It's powerful, faith based, and an awesome message about fighting for your marriage and prayer.

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