June 4, 2015

Summer Book Giveaway Winner

The winner of book 2 on the blog is Jamie Lloyd. Please send me your contact info. Thanks everyone for the support and sweet comments.

My kids were watching videos this morning and this one was perfect for the first day of summer . . . for all the parents who are beginning summer vacation. Sometimes it seems little, unappreciated, and very hard . . . but we never know how much good we are doing with these little ones. Maybe we are missing out on many other things, but at the end of it all there are some things that will matter a lot more than others. Hope I never forget to put those things first. Happy summer!

You never know how much good you do


Hanson Family said...

I love this clip. It's so good to remember the most important things in life! To remember to see our children and to serve others. ;)

Amanda said...

I have never commented before, but I faithfully read your blog. I have nowhere close to have been through the trials that you have faced. You are an amazing woman Ashlee and have been such a great example to me. I have recently found out that my husband of almost 7 years has had a secret pornography addiction since before we were married. Though our experiences are not the same, your testimony and faith have helped me so much. Thank you for being such a faithful daughter of God and being willing to share your heart and soul with everyone.
I have two young kids and a busy calling. I needed this video today. I definitely beat myself up at times and Satan seems to always help make it worse.
Thank you again!
P.S. Hopefully you can swing it to have "A Reason To Stand Conference" in the Salt Lake area.

cmckellar said...

Thank you for helping me to know today that I am enough.

Anonymous said...

Im on the same boat as you Amanda!!!

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