April 27, 2015

Needing pictures

I am looking for photos of different things that have helped people stand tall in their life. (example: your family, a favorite sport, a support group, the day you found out you were cancer free, a best friend who stood by you at a family members funeral) The possibilities are endless.

I am going to be making a slide show to be played for our event www.areasontostand.com on May 9th.

If you have a picture you would like to share please email it to me at themomentswestand@gmail.com

I look forward to seeing what things have given all of you strength in your life.


K. Combs said...

Ashlee...I don't have a picture persay to share, but when I need to gather strength, I listen to Miranda Lambert. In 2008 I became a victim of Domestic Violence. I never thought it would happen to me, and when I realized that I became a statistic like every person I had studied in my law classes, I found my breaking point. Although I consider myself a very strong person, dealing with the court system and recovery, more mental than physical, I found myself at times feeling very low. One day when I was driving home after work, the song Gunpowder & Lead came on the radio. I swore Miranda Lambert was singing to me...and saying, pull it together girl and keep your head up high! Her music is empowering to me and now anytime I need a pick me up...I turn to Miranda Lambert's music.

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