March 6, 2015

Be True

Today would have been eleven years of marriage for Emmett and I. It is hard not to look back and reflect on all the losses I have seen. I decided to go and read my post about Emmett's and my marriage. Instead of making me sad, it made me think of the commitments I still get to fight for. I have so many blessings and I am so thankful for marriage and the gift it is in my life. I choose to be true. I choose to work hard and make my promises count. So I am grateful for Emmett and the opportunity he gave me to be a mother... But even more today for the lessons his past has helped me find in the importance of marriage and staying true.

Today I am going to fight a little harder to be true to all the promises I have made. I am going to stand a little stronger in the moment, and in all the blessings that surround me today.

Spring is in the air. Hold the love you have dear, and cherish every moment you are making. We don't always know what tomorrow will bring, so we must choose to be true today.

 Choose to Be True (post from last year about our wedding day)


Unknown said...

Ashlee I love following you... You are such a huge inspiration to me and I know so many more. About a year ago I came across your blog somehow and so I went back to your very first post and read every one after that. I have to tell you I would catch myself just sobbing on some of them... You are an amazing woman and I know have helped so many like me. I look forward to reading posts... One question I do have that I know my husband struggles with in our marriage... Does Shawn ever get jealous or bothered by what you post and say about Emmett? I find my husband is very insecure about my ex, it bothers me because I can make him secure. Thanks again for sharing your story.

Anonymous said...

I love the gift of agency and how it makes it so no matter what turmoil is swirling in our lives there is nothing so evil that it can MAKE us be unrighteous. We can choose to be righteous no matter what. What a blessing that no one else can make a choice that results in your unrighteousness unless we let it. You've chosen to stand, and not be moved.

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