February 26, 2015

Conference Ticket Giveaway

A Reason To Stand finally has a webpage. So I am doing a ticket giveaway to the conference on May 9th at The Boise Center on the Grove. Click on the link to go to the website. Just leave a comment on one of the posts on that website to enter! I will pick a winner tomorrow evening. Good luck.


Unknown said...

I'm going through a very difficult time and would love to win these tickets. I can't figure out where to post a comment on the reason to stand page.

Shauna said...

Avery~ Go the webpage via the link Ashlee has in this post above your comment. (I think you said you did that!). Then on one of the posts (ie the one that announces the conference at the top), scroll down to the bottom of that post. There you will see link that says "20 Comments" (or whatever the number is at the time--the number will change--look for the word "Comments") and click on that. Then leave your comment there just like you did here! Hope that helps!

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