November 30, 2014

Cyber Monday

Right now Amazon has my book marked down for one more sale day! Click on the book to link to the sale!



Janna said...

Your book is amazing Ashlee! I am having a hard time putting down my Kindle! :) Thank you so much for putting your story to paper and testifying how God has carried you through this nightmare. Your faith and your words are powerful and challenging, but in a very good way. I praise God for the GOOD that He has brought out of something so awful! He amazes me with His infinite power to bring peace in all circumstances. One of my friends and his fiance were murdered 10 years ago, and the case remains unsolved. It is utterly horrific as they were amazing Christians who had zero enemies and it appears they were chosen at random. I was crushed by the weight of grief but God showed up and brought so much beauty from the ashes. Many people have come to know Christ through their story and I know they (my friend and his fiance) would be so humbled and honored by that. It is a great comfort knowing that they are alive and well in heaven... yet, they are desperately missed by their families and friends. I still pray that the case will be solved, but even if it isn't, I know that God provides the ultimate justice in the end.

Thank you again for sharing your story! You are a blessing! I pray that every day will be another baby step toward complete peace and strength for you and your children. I am so happy that God brought Shawn and your step-daughter into your life! They seem like such a perfect fit. :) God never ceases to amaze me!

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